Built as designed

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“One organization, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.”

Design-Build is a complete working model, supervised by a designer who defines and controls every detail from design to budget as agreed with the client from the start. When it comes to construction work, the designer will supervise and coordinate with the construction team to ensure that the construction meets the design and within the budget. Designers can communicate and collaborate between different teams quickly and easily. It also allows different stages of design and construction to be run simultaneously, saving time and budget.

Build Process:

After the design and construction drawing process is complete until the customer approves the construction process.

  • Prepare the area

  • building planning

  • Piling drilling

  • Foundation work for ground floor structure

  • Upstairs structure work, roof frame and sanitary system installation

  • Roofing, stairs structure casting parts

  • Construction of walls, installation, preparation of electrical and plumbing work

  • Wall plastering and ceiling installation

  • Installation of doors and windows including decorative materials, floors – walls and build-in work

  • Clean and check for tidiness

  • hand over work

There will be a detailed memorandum of understanding for each project, between the team and the customer.

Built as designed

Design & Build