Signage Design & Wayfinding Strategy Service

A sign is something which brings something its interpretant into correspondence with something an object.

We make it more than a “sign”

Our goal is to design all types of signage as part of the architectural design and interior design, so that the identity of the project is fully consistent. It will show the good taste and investment of the project.

We make the signage system easy for you, we can design-produce and install all types of signage. We meticulously from concept design to production process with a skilled team and we will deliver quality work. Most importantly, we are punctual.

Design process, wayfinding strategy

  • Design the concept to meet the needs of the project.

  • Appearance design Colors and material specs in accordance with the interior and exterior design or brand identity.

  • Set the format and font size to be suitable for actual usage.

  • Prepare a construction drawing that is easy to understand, detailed and meets the initial design.

  • Design a signs placement system to be effective and professional.

Customers choose to use the service only for design work.

  • Clarify construction drawings, necessary details. and giving advice to contractors in the bidding process or construction.

  • Scheduled periodic inspections of the work until the contractor has delivered the work.

Customers choose to use design and production services.

  • Construction and installation of workpieces according to drawings and lists

  • Complete work delivered in perfect order, and customer satisfaction.

Why do we start the production work?

At present we have access to Environmental Design has created a lot of competition in signage design. You can find beautiful signs and strange materials in the streets, shopping malls, cafes, tourist attractions. It takes a lot of steps to come out as an unusually beautiful sign, as our experience in designing for a long time makes me realize that there is one problem that never changes is the production process from the contractor.

  1. Produced exactly according to the design, all forms, materials, installation, but very expensive because the sign maker who can do the work designed by the designer must be a company in order to be able to read the construction drawings. The company must have employees or Graphic department which makes the cost high. When the signage is expensive, customers have to modify the style or material.

  2. Production does not match the design, which may occur intentionally or the contractor’s inability to read the construction drawings, resulting in low prices, making the customer like it but the designer doesn’t like it.

That’s why we have to produce the sign to meet the needs and at an affordable price. We control from material selection, every step of production that focuses on craftsmanship and installation. We inspect and test every sign for clarity from every angle, correct text, and aesthetics to achieve perfect functionality. Because we know that just looking at paper is not as effective as a real sign.