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Fingerpost signs are used to allow signage to point in lots of different directions. Fingerpost signage is often needed in open spaces such as town centres, university campuses and woodland. The “fingers” on the sign can be positioned at any angle through 360 degrees. Finger post signs are manufactured out of many materials, modern and classic. Traditional mediums include cast metal and hand engraved wood , while modern methods may be extruded aluminium and digitally engraved stainless steel. Wards have included fingerpost signs as part of the signage solution for Hospitals, Cemeteries, Golf Courses, Village and Colleges.

Fin Signage is an elegant and versatile sign system providing a range of distinctive fin profiles for external or internal signs. The slender lines and durable finish harmonise with both contemporary and traditional environments alike. Its total flexibility permits a variety of creative solutions for wayfinding and information points.